Duck Breast with a Partridge Berry Sauce

A new holiday tradition! Want to try something new that\'s sure to surprise? Give this recipe a try and see their faces light up!

  • 2 Ducks
  • 3 oz Partridge Berries-Blended
  • 6 oz Demi Glace (Powdered form available in most groceries)
  • 20 oz Clarified Butter
  • 3 oz Central Dairies by Natrel 35% Whipping Cream
  • Season To TasteĀ 
  1. Remove breast from the bird. Remove wing, tip and skin from the bird, leaving only the wing bone attached to the breast.
  2. Heat skillet with clarified butter, season breast to taste and sear on either side. Add blended berries, demi glace and Central Dairies by Natrel 35% Whipping Cream and reduce heat.
  3. Remove breast after 5 minutes, the breast should be medium to medium rare.